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Marine Life Care :

Wildlife and Industry

Marine Life Care is a services company specializing in the protection of marine mammals while preserving industrial interests. Our areas of expertise:

  • Seismic acquisition survey,
  • Underwater piling (e.g. wind farm construction),
  • Underwater explosives work (e.g. construction or demolition),
  • And any operations which anthropogenic* noises can pollute the species habitat.

*Anthropogenic: Caused or influenced by humans

This mission seems paradoxical. But it is yet the objective set by Marine Life Care

Marine Life Care, a unique concept in France.

Our objectives is to :

Protect Marine Mammals and endangered species against anthropogenic noises,

Optimize our clients' operations' cost,

Promote a positive image for our clients,

Share data with international regulatory agencies.


Marine Life Care is the French leading of marine mammals observation and detection. We give our clients the assurance that our MMO (Marine Mammals Observer) or PAM (Passive Acoustic Monitoring) are impartial and fully objective.

Our value added ? A very strong experience in:

  • The Oil and Gas industry,
  • Renewable energies,
  • Military applications.

Observe, Analyse and Act